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Bear's Familia GTR in 2007 VRC Round 1

Victorian Rally Round 1 Cerberus Stages. After having more rain in night before than we,d

had all year it ended up being called off only after 5 stages. Craig Jones in his white Familia

GTR finished 15th out right and the Bear Motorsport GTR (pictured below) had an off at the end of the second

Rally Of Melbourne - Latest

Latest news regarding Craig and his Familia GTR at the Rally Of Melbourne. Everything is going according to plan.


New Black GT-AE

Black GTAE2

Here it is everybody! If you haven't already heard a new Black Familia GT-AE with a long history of rally and other motorsport has joined the family.  Still at full rally setup but with a set of half worn out Advan's instead of rally tyres.

BMS at Phillip Island

Bear took the red beast down to Phillip Island for some fun.



There was some awesome competition on the day, including EVOs WRXs RX7s and lots more. Bear's best lap was something like 1 minute 58 seconds. Betty was humming at full boost at max revs all day. Got a little bit carried away on the last run and blew the motor down the main straight. Oh well, back to the garage.

Have a look at some video.

Mazda Familia GTR | Mazda 323 GT-R

Mazda's contribution to the Group A World Rally Championship in 1992 & 1993. This All Wheel Drive, 1.8L turbo, intercooled powerhouse is now a rare drive among a huge production rally spec car market globally.

There was only 2500 of these ever built, and those that did not get destroyed being raced, or have survived the abuse of modification and general driving over the last 13 years are now spread thinly around the globe, through many countries.

The Familia GTR is the elite of Mazda's 4WD turbo rally expolits. In many parts of the world, the normal non-turbo version is known as the Mazda 323. The lower spec turbo version is the Familia GTX which is the same in many respects as the Australian Ford KF Laser TX3 4WD Turbo. The GTR is a clear step above them all. In it's main year of manufacture, 1992, the Familia GTR was a similar specification to the original Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi EVO I and the Nissan Pulsar GTiR, with the only major difference being a 1.8L engine instead of a 2.0L.